Delivery is essential to resource sharing. Winnefox delivers materials requested by area residents to their local libraries and, when a person is finished with the materials, returns them to their home libraries again.

In 2001 the two Winnefox delivery vans drove over 66,000 miles to make nearly 6,000 visits delivering library materials to member libraries. Nearly 28,000 boxes were transported.

Winnefox also connects with the statewide van delivery service that carries more than 9 million items among libraries of all types throughout the state -- to nearly 58,000 stops over a distance of 827,000 miles. The statewide delivery service cost just over $1.23 million to operate in 2001. Dividing this sum by the 9 million books and other library materials delivered yields a cost of just under 14 cents per item, a vastly less expensive solution than the US mail, which costs over $2.40 per book sent, including labor.