In an attempt to protect our staff and patrons from potential exposure to the novel coronavirus, Winnefox has enacted several preventative measures. Many of our libraries have closed or are closing. A list of closed libraries can be found below.

In an effort to decrease the spread of the COVID-19, the following steps have been enacted:

  • All deliveries between libraries have been canceled, regardless, whether an individual library is closed or not.
  • No holds will be filled during this time.
  • Your individual holds have been suspended, which means that when services resume, you will receive you materials in a timely manner.
  • Holds may still be placed during this time, though they will not be filled.
  • ALL MATERIALS HAVE BEEN GIVEN AN EXTENDED DUE DATE; no items will be due at this time.  
  • PLEASE KEEP ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS AT HOME until we resume services.  

You can still renew your card online.

You can still pay your bills online.

Many educational and entertaining library materials are available online. Please utilize resources on the research pages of your libraries. Books and audiobooks can be found on Overdrive, with your Libby app. Some libraries also subscribe to Hoopla, Tumblebooks and other electronic resources and apps.

During this closure many of our libraries can be reached by phone, email, or social media. Reach out to them with questions or concerns.

Specific timing of services and re-openings will be decided at a later date.

Winnefox Libraries that are closed, or closing:

While Winnefox consistently supports local policy and board control, the decisions detailed above are made with the health and safety of the entire Winnefox System in mind. These extraordinary measures are being taken only after serious consideration and discussion among the Winnefox staff.  We understand that this is a drastic measure. However, given the movement of materials and people across county lines, we believe ceasing delivery will help slow the spread of the virus. This move is meant to prevent infection of our patrons and the delivery hub employees in Oshkosh.