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Winnefox Cooperative Technical Services (WCTS) provides cooperative materials purchasing and processing for nineteen libraries within Waushara, Green Lake, and Marquette counties.
Cooperative purchasing allows libraries to receive greater discounts due to volume orders.
Cooperative purchasing allows these libraries to realize greater discounts due to volume orders. Libraries also save in personnel costs by processing materials at a central location thus passing the savings on to the taxpayers.

WCTS and Winnefox jointly fund the position of Computer Technician to maintain computers at WCTS member libraries. By hiring a technician to assist all member libraries, WCTS is able to provide this service at a much lower cost than a commercial service.

WCTS also provides CD and DVD reconditioning, barcoding and processing of library materials, weeding consultation, and workdays for on-site help and consultation for special projects.

Funding for WCTS comes directly from the counties of Waushara, Green Lake, and Marquette. These counties have long recognized the value of working together to provide joint services at a lower cost to all and a greater savings to the taxpayers.

Updated August 31, 2009