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Promoting Excellence in Member Libraries

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A federation of thirty independent, member public libraries in five counties form the Winnefox Library System. The State of Wisconsin funds seventeen public library systems in order to provide all residents with convenient and equitable access to knowledge and information resources.

Winnefox leadership provides growth and development of member libraries through long-range planning, cooperation and resource sharing between member libraries. The System also coordinates central support services (avoiding duplication of effort and costs within member libraries), research and development of new services to keep member libraries on the cutting edge of providing quality information to their communities.

Specific services include:

  • Administration - Long-range planning, program support, business functions
  • Special Needs - Providing equal access to library collections, services, and programs to residents with special needs
  • Public Relations - Includes marketing & community relations and printing & graphics
  • Shared Automation - Shared, system wide online catalog and circulation system
  • Shared Cooperative Technical Services - Central ordering, cataloging, processing and more
  • Electronic Information Development - Access to databases and thousands of resources available to the public through every member library
  • Interlibrary Loan - Obtaining resource material from libraries around the world
  • Delivery - Transporting materials between libraries within our system as well as connecting them to the statewide delivery service
Updated November 19, 2012