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Interlibrary Loan

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No library can afford to buy all the books, magazines, videos and DVDs needed by its customers. Each book requested through interlibrary loan represents an item that the borrowing library doesn't need to buy.

Interlibrary loan saved local taxpayers over $2,000,000 last year.

In 2003 over 111,500 items were provided to patrons by other Winnefox member libraries through interlibrary loan. Most items are requested by placing a reserve in our online catalog rather than through an interlibrary loan request form, though interlibrary loan requests in 2001 were up 8% over the previous year.

The average price of a book is more than $20. 111,500 interlibrary loans multiplied by $20 means a savings of $2,230,000 to local taxpayers during 2003.

By providing interlibrary loan, Winnefox offers access to ...

  • nearly 1 million items from Winnefox member libraries
  • over 7 million items from more than 1,200 Wisconsin libraries
  • more than 46 million items in 400 languages from over 6,700 libraries across the United States
Updated November 7, 2012